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Our driving passion is to provide our practitioners with the most efficacious natural remedies available. Within these pages you will discover our revolutionary World Medicines, uniquely formulated from the highest quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs along with single molecule extracts. You will also find cutting-edge research and information to keep you abreast of the all of the very latest advancements in the natural medicine industry.


Message from Panaxea CEO Dr. Daniel Weber

We are at a crisis and the only thing that can address this is surrender to the reality of this life we get. We can open up to this challenge, we have seen this repeatedly throughout history. And we can manage by accepting what is now abnormal as the new normal and we change how we respond.

Humour, delight at the complexity of life’s challenges and lastly communication that does not inflame, asking for support. Acceptance and surrender is not resignation but starting at a newly defined point.


Herbal Medicine & Oncology

A few words from Dr. Daniel Weber,
PhD MSc Vice Chair Oncology; World Federation of Chinese Medical Societies

Our traditions, east and west are the foundations of modern medicine but traditions are not enough. Medicine of all types must be a rational, experiential and empirical science, which through the contest of ideas and their dialogue provides the best treatment for those that suffer. Treatment of disease requires evidence of efficacy, safety and efficiency.

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