For more than 30 years Panaxea™ has offered Advanced Practice Seminars
by Daniel Weber, DSc PhD looking in depth at diverse subjects, such Microbiome, 
Endocrinology, Psycho-emotional disorders and always discussing extensive treatment
protocols. Daniel is recognized internationally as an informative and passionate speaker
and travels extensively, lecturing bi-annually in USA and Australia, as well as in South Africa 
and China. All Panaxea™’s seminars offer continuing education credits in each country.
Previous seminars are available on Vimeo or DVD.


Here you will discover some of Panaxea™ revolutionary World Medicines, 
uniquely formulated from the highest quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Herbs
along with botanical isolates. Most products have multiple applications and
combinations and will support a favorable clinical outcome for your patient.

Panaxea Medicine, based in Australia, manufactures in pharmaceutical GMP factories.
Australia, as well as Europe consider herbal medicines to be legally medicine and are
governed by pharmaceutical, not food standards. The Australian Therapeutic Goods
Administration independently reviews, inspects and sets standards for botanical
medicine and if a factory fails, the factory will lose their international pGMP.
The TGA also randomly selects products and tests them again in Australia.

All herbs are selected at the highest quality, again independently, tested for
heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. Organic when available.
Panaxea botanicals are of a standard that meets pharmaceutical standards, not food grade.


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CNS Factor

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Much loved by practitioners worldwide, Panaxea™ has facilitated Daniel Weber’s 
Groundbreaking Gut Webinar Series in 8 parts called: THE GUT: TRANSFORMATIVE ORGAN.
Regular Webinars included BREAST CANCER, Support and Treatment, BOTANICALS and CHEMOTHERAPY,
and CHANGING MEDICINE. All webinars have been recorded and may be available, contact the office.
Watch the section for new webinars coming soon.

Inflammation and Prostate Cancer


US: Nov 24 2020




Daniel Weber is a prolific author and aside from having published  numerous peer-reviewed articles,
Daniel has authored seven books, most of which include an Online Database for fast searching. His latest book to be 
available early 2021 is The Gut - Core of Self. The DVD’s are recorded live seminars. These are
incredibly useful as you will perceive glimpses of Daniel’s genius in understanding human functioning. Check with the office.


Inflammation and the Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer

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Our traditions, east and west are the foundations of modern medicine, but traditions are not enough. Medicine of all types must be a rational, experiential and empirical science, which through the contest of ideas and their dialogue provides the best treatment for those that suffer. Treatment of disease requires evidence of efficacy, safety and efficiency.

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Please note is only for licensed professional practitioners and the website is only open to those practitioners
registered. For general public information about Panaxea™ products, please contact your healthcare provider and
they will supply that information to you.

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